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Who gets bullied the most?

WHo gets bullied the most in school? Get help protecting your child from bullies.While every child is a potential victim of bullying, certain subgroups of students are getting bullied more often than others.

Sadly, students who are obese, students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, and students with disabilities are bullied more often than others.

Students with disabilities

One recent study reported that 60% of students with disabilities experience bullying on a regular basis, compared to 25% of all students.

Studies have reported that students on the spectrum are bullied three times more often than other students. One study revealed that over two thirds of students with learning disabilities are bullied on a regular basis. If you are a parent or an educator, we can help you develop a strategy to stop the bullying in school.

Overweight students

Students who are obese are bullied approximately 50% more often than other students.

Despite the difficulty, we can work together to create an effective plan to help your children be safe from bullies in school.

LGBTQ children

An important recent study revealed that students who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual had a 91 percent greater chance of being bullied compared to their heterosexual peers. Studies have also shown high rates of bullying for transgender students

What’s important to realize is that all of the children mentioned above have other challenges in their lives in addition to bullying. When you add bullying to their other challenges, it can make their school experience extremely difficult to cope with. It is our job to stop bullying in schools and keep our children safe.

What you can do if your child is getting bullied

If you are a parent of children or teens from these special groups, or if you are a school administrator, it’s very important to continually check if your children or students are experiencing bullying. If your child is getting bullied in school, it is important to design an immediate intervention plan. We can help.

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