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How prevalent is bullying in school?

you can protect your child from bullying in schoolFor many children and teens, the experience of being bullied in school is one that scars them for life. In recent years, much attention has been given to this problem. Articles appear consistently on the internet, in newspapers and in magazines regarding bullying in school.

Many schools have established anti-bullying programs. Parents are more involved with this issue more than they were a generation ago. Parents talk to their children about how wrong it is to bully others and parents are there for their children if they find out that their children are being bullied.

Despite all this attention and focus however, it’s a sad reality that bullying in schools is still very prevalent.

How common is bullying in school?

A recent study concluded that 22 percent of children ages 12-18 reported that they have been bullied in the just the past month. A study involving 6th graders reported that nearly half of the students said they were bullied by classmates during a five day period.

Verbal bullying reportedly affects approximately 75% of all students. Approximately 75% of teenagers report being bullied online at least once during a 12 month period. The bottom line is that we are just n the beginning stages of solving the problem of bullying in schools.

We can stop bullying in schools

Bullying is still a very prevalent problem. We must work together to insure that this problem is taken seriously in our schools and that each school develop a comprehensive plan to prevent bullying as much as possible and to stop it once an incident occurs.

You can work with your child to confront bullies at school. You can advocate for your child with teachers and the school administration.

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