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Why get help for bullying

get help for bullying. Online coaching to get help for bullying and coaching in Hewlett-Woodmere and ScarsdaleBullying is much more than a nuisance that all children face at one time or another. Bullying can have lasting effects on your child’s self esteem, mental health and more.

Children who do not get help for bullying may lose friends or become socially ostracized. These children may develop depression or become at risk for suicide. But it does not have to be this way.

Bullying often happens in school where parent aren’t around to see what happens.

It is important to remember that your child may be too embarrassed to report their experiences to you. Look for warning signs in your child’s behavior and emotions.

Is your child being bullied? Take this quiz to see if it is time to seek help for your child.

Help for bullying is available

If you suspect that your child is being bullied, don’t wait for the situation to resolve itself. Talk to your child and get help. Remember, there is nothing shameful about being bullied. We are here to help.

When we help a child end the cycle of bullying, they are often able to regain friendships, become less anxious, and regain self esteem.

Stop-bully offers a multi-step plan designed to help your child overcome bullying. Learn more about coaching for parents and how coaching helps children recover from the effects of bullying.


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