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Coaching for bullying

online coaching for bullying and coaching in Hewlett-Woodmere and ScarsdaleFree your child from the terrors of bullying.

Your child can live a better life. Coaching with Dr. Krauss provides skills and techniques that your child can use to:

  • Decide how and when to confront the bully
  • Identify the pattern of bullying and stop it in its tracks
  • Build stronger social connections
  • Improve self esteem
  • Prevent similar situations from arising in the future

As an experienced psychologist, Dr. Krauss is here to help your child recover from any emotional and behavioral consequences of bullying. We are here to help your child thrive.

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Online coaching for bullying

Online coaching offers you the privacy and convenience of receiving support from the comfort of your own home. Online coaching saves you the hassle of travel and inclement weather, while ensuring that you receive the best individual attention and care.

An internet connection is required in order to facilitate online coaching.

Live a life free of bullying

Children who are freed from the terrors of everyday contact with bullies often experience:

  • A happier disposition
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Stronger friendships
  • Better integration with peers and more social involvement
  • More initiative
  • Recovery or better coping with depression or anxiety
  • Better sleep

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