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There is a lot that you can do, as a parent, to help your child. Often, though, you should reach out to a professional who specializes in helping children that are being bullied. Feel free to reach out to Dr. Krauss today.  Just call or fill out the contact form and ask for a free consultation. Dr. Krauss offers effective online and in-person support for you and for your child – and the help is short-term, focused on getting results for your child. Learn more here.

Who gets bullied the most?

While every child is a potential victim of bullying, certain subgroups of students are getting bullied more often than others. Sadly, students who are obese, students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, and students with disabilities are bullied more often than … [Read more...]

How prevalent is bullying in school?

For many children and teens, the experience of being bullied in school is one that scars them for life. In recent years, much attention has been given to this problem. Articles appear consistently on the internet, in newspapers and in magazines regarding bullying in school. Many schools have … [Read more...]

How to help a student with learning disabilities who is being bullied

Children and teens that are diagnosed with learning disabilities have a much greater chance of being bullied than their peers without learning disabilities. One reason for this is that children with learning disabilities often lack age appropriate social skills. While many children with learning … [Read more...]

Help your child with Asperger’s stop bullies

Children with Asperger's (autism spectrum disorders) have great difficulty interpreting social cues involving even routine social interactions. This is why bullies target children on the spectrum three times more often than other children. Until our schools and communities are able to eradicate … [Read more...]

Work on your child’s facial expressions to stop bullies

Your kid is not to blame for being bullied. The bully is to blame! You can teach your child how to modify their facial expressions to make your child less vulnerable. Modifying facial expressions to stop bullies can be extraordinarily effective. … [Read more...]

Where is your child being bullied at school and outside of school?

Bullies often follow patterns when harassing children. Most children suffer from bullying during particular windows during the day. The bully may strike in the schoolyard before school, in the cafeteria during lunch, on the way home, or in the neighborhood playground. By identifying when and … [Read more...]

How you can help your child overcome bullying

I often say to parents, imagine that when you went to work your colleagues teased you, tried to trip you when you walked down the hall, and laughed in your face; how long would you actually stay on the job? Bullying usually happens in school. It can affect self-esteem, can bring on depression, … [Read more...]

Take this quiz – Is your child being bullied?

The effects of bullying are drastic and long lasting. Have you asked yourself, "Is my child being bullied?" If your gut is telling you that your child is being bullied, asking yourself the right questions can let you know whether it is time to seek help for your child. Take this quiz to see if … [Read more...]