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Where is your child being bullied at school and outside of school?

Where is your child being bullied at school and outside of school? Help your child stop being bullied. Help for bullying in Hewlett-Woodmere and ScarsdaleBullies often follow patterns when harassing children. Most children suffer from bullying during particular windows during the day.

The bully may strike in the schoolyard before school, in the cafeteria during lunch, on the way home, or in the neighborhood playground.

By identifying when and where your child is being bullied at school, or being bullied outside of school, you can start to take steps to help your child.

Identify the patterns

The first step is to identify when and where your child is vulnerable. As a parent it can be difficult to hear that your son or daughter is being bullied at school or in the neighborhood, but it’s important that you and your child identify the patterns.

Bullying may be tied to a particular location (such as the cafeteria or playground). Bullying may be tied to an opportunity (such as when the teacher is not paying careful attention). Bullying may occur during particular times of the day (such as before school starts or during recess).

The bully may also be driven by who. Many bullies need an audience, and the bully tormenting your child may be waiting for a particular time when they will have an audience.

Develop a plan to limit opportunities of being bullied at school and outside of school

You can help your child develop a game plan to avoid the bully. By limiting or eliminating the windows where bullying can occur, you can help your child avoid being bullied at school and outside of school.

Create your plan to address the bullying patterns that you have identified. If you child is being bullied in the schoolyard before the school day begins, can you bring your child to school just in time?

If your child is being bulled in the cafeteria, can he or she find a different place to sit during lunch? If part of the schoolyard is unsupervised, can your child enter or exit the schoolyard from a different entrance that is supervised?

Don’t stop yet — you can do more to help your child

Work on facial expressions.
Build up physical strength.
Stand up to the bully.
Work with your child’s school.
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