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  • How you can help your child overcome bullying

    I often say to parents, imagine that when you went to work your colleagues teased you, tried to trip you when you walked down the hall, and laughed in your face; how long would you actually stay on the job? Bullying usually happens in school. It can affect self-esteem, can bring on depression, and in… [more]

    How you can help your child overcome bullying
  • Coaching for bullying

    Free your child from the terrors of bullying. Your child can live a better life. Coaching with Dr. Krauss provides skills and techniques that your child can use to: Decide how and when to confront the bully Identify the pattern of bullying and stop it in its tracks Build stronger social connections Improve self esteem Prevent similar… [more]

    Coaching for bullying
  • Take this quiz – Is your child being bullied?

    The effects of bullying are drastic and long lasting. Have you asked yourself, “Is my child being bullied?” If your gut is telling you that your child is being bullied, asking yourself the right questions can let you know whether it is time to seek help for your child. Take this quiz to see if your child… [more]

    Take this quiz – Is your child being bullied?
  • Why get help for bullying

    Bullying is much more than a nuisance that all children face at one time or another. Bullying can have lasting effects on your child’s self esteem, mental health and more. Children who do not get help for bullying may lose friends or become socially ostracized. These children may develop depression or become at risk for suicide. But it… [more]

    Why get help for bullying

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Are you ready to make a change in your child's life? We are here to help. Help your child learn skills and behaviors that will protect him or her from being bullied. Online coaching with Dr. Krauss … [more]

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Is your child struggling with bullies at school or in your community? Do you want to help but don't know where to start? Dr. Krauss can help. Dr. Krauss helps parents and children learn … [more]